Full Time Course in BBA in Delhi
                                                           PGDM /MBA  |  BBA    BCA  

Degree Courses after Graduation


  Full Time Course in BBA in Delhi

Post-graduate Diploma in Management / Master of Business Administration

Full Time Course in BBA in Delhi  
  Semester 1

Management Concepts & Organization Behaviour

  Human Resource Management

  Marketing Management

  Computers For Managers

  Financial & Management Accounting

  Business Communication

  Managerial Economics

 Semester 2

Organizational Development & Change

  Business Laws and Taxes

  Quantitative Techniques & Operation Research

  Financial Management

  Marketing Research & Advertising Management

  International Business Management

  Summer Training

  Economic Enviornment

Degree Courses after Graduation  
  Semester 3

  International Finance

  International Marketing

  Production & Operations Management

  Major Specialization-I

  Major Specialization-II

  Major Specialization-III

 Minor Specialization-I

  Major Specialization-IV

  Minor Specialization-II

  International Oriented minor Project

 Semester 4

  Management Information Systems

  Business Policy & Strategic Management

  Final Project

  Entrepreneur Resources Development

                            Specialization Papers
 Human Resource Management

  Industrial Legislation & Labour Laws

  Training & Development

  Management Across Cultures

  Compensation Management

  Recruitment & Selection

  Marketing Management


   Consumer Behaviour

   Marketing of Services

   Brand Management

   Sales & Distribution Management

 Financial Management

 Corporate Taxation & Financial Planning

 Project Management

 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

 Management of Financial Services

 Working Capital Management

  International Business

  International Business Policy & Strategic Management

   International Business Laws

   International Human Resource Management

   International Trade Operations

   Global Sourcing & Import Management

 Information Technology

 Network Security & cyber Laws

 Data Communication & Networking

 Software Engineering

 Database Management Systems

 Windows Programming in Visual Basic

  Retail Management

  Merchandise Management and Pricing

   Managing Retail Operations

   Supply Chain management & Warehousing

   Legal Issues in Retail

   Retail Strategy

                                   The syllabi is subject to revision in accordance with the latest developments or University requirements
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