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  Full Time Course in BBA in Delhi

  BBA Programme  

The BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a 3-year undergraduate degree programme for students who wish to take up careers in the corporate sector, in areas like Marketing, Personnel, International Trade, Advertising and Finance and so on. The curriculum, developed as per University guidelines, lays emphasis on the development of managerial skills and professional attitude.

  Specialisation : Towards the end of the course, the students get the opportunity to specialize in any one fields  
  Human Resource                  
  Operations Research  
  On-the-job Training  
  Additional Diploma : Option I :- GDEN (Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship)  

This course is aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills for the efficient operations and management of MSMEs. This Diploma is conducted by faculty from IMC and FMS (Univ. of Delhi), supported by Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India.

  Additional Diploma : Option II :- GDIB (Graduate Diploma in International Business)  

This Diploma deals with International Trade & Business and covers subjects like International Marketing, International Finance, International Economics, Cross Cultural Management, and International Business Strategy and so on. It gives the students extensive Global Exposure and is conducted by IMC and IIFT (Dept. of Commerce & Trade, Govt. of India) faculty besides experts from foreign institutes and organizations.


Integrated BBA + MBA


It is a combined  programme, covering both BBA and MBA courses. But due to the commonalities between the two syllabi, it is covered in 4 ½ years only, thus saving time and effort. The students of this course also study for the additional Diploma programmes, as offered alongwith BBA and MBA.


Specialisation : During the last phase of BBA, the students can specialize  in either of * Marketing   *   Human Resource    *   Operations Research and towards the end of MBA, Dual Specialisation is offered in * Marketing * Human Resource * Finance  * IT * Banking & Insurance

  BCA Programme  

The BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) is an undergraduate degree programme of 3-year duration which helps in developing computer programming and application skills, in addition to a thorough understanding of the different fields related to Hardware, software and Management of Information Technology. Alongwith the BCA degree, the students will also be awarded the following additional Diploma.

  Additional Diploma : Option I :-GDCL (Graduate Diploma in Cyber Laws)  

The rapid proliferation of Information Technology and the Internet, have give rise to cyber crimes, frequent cyber attacks and widespread computer hacking  and so on. GDCL covers all these issues in addition to the legal provisions to tackle these problems, at both national and international levels.

  Additional Diploma : Option II :-GDCC (Graduate Diploma in Cloud Computing)  

It is a new technology which has widespread implications. It is transforming the way people use and share various IT resources. GDCC acquaints students with different technical and managerial aspects of this new facet of IT.


What  Students Get

  BBA University Degree (Recognised by UGC,Govt. of India).  
  Additional Diploma of GDIBS (Graduate Diploma in International Strategy).  
  Certification Programme for Foreign Training.  
  Top Placements in MNCs and prestigious companies in India and abroad.  
  On-the-job Training  
  BBA (Banking)  

The BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) in Banking is designed for professionals who wish to pursue a careeer in the banking industry. This program provides students with the latest up-to-date developments of learning, skills and ethics to cope up with the challenges in global financial industry.


What  Students Get

  Joint Certification Programme with NSE.  
  100% Placements in various banks like ICICI, HDFC, IndusInd, American Express etc..  
  Internship Training.  
  Faculty with extensive industry experience.  
  Special Training at HCL  
  MBA / PGDM Programme  

MBA and PGDM are both 2-year, full-time, postgraduate courses, divided in four semesters with Dual Specialisation in the following areas : * Marketing * HRM * Finance * IT * Banking & Insurance. The aim of MBA and PGDM is to develop the skills required for the corporate leaders in the modern business world. This includes strategic management of the modern enterprise, quick and competitive decision making and being responsive and innovative in the fast changing Corporate World. The PGDM (Post-graduate Diploma in Management) is approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India. The MBA (Master of Business Administration) Programme is from a top University, recognized by UGC, Government of India.

  Additional Diploma : Option I :-PGDEN (Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship)  

This Diploma is conducted by IMC, in association with the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India. This course is designed to develop the entrepreneurial skills and capabilities to launch new enterprises or be at the helm of the affairs for efficiently managing organizations under MSME category.

  Additional Diploma : Option II :-PGDIB (Postgraduate Diploma in International Business)  

This programme deals with different aspects of International Business that includes International Marketing, International Finance, Global Business Strategy, International Economics and so on. Contemporary subjects like Management of MNCs, Cross Cultural Management, Emerging Trading Blocs etc. are also dealt with.

  PGPIB (Postgraduate Programme in International Business)  

PGPIB is conducted by distinguished faculty from prestigious institutes like FMS, University of Delhi, IIFT (Dept. of Commerce and Trade, Govt. of India) and IMC. This covers different areas related to International Business like International HRM, International Marketing & Finance, International Political Economics etc. and develops the skills and capabilities, enabling the students to take up international assignments and jobs with MNCs and global enterprises.

  PGDIBS (Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Strategy)  
  It is a multi-location programme, with training and seminars at New Delhi, Singapore and Malaysia, by the experts in International Business Strategy. This programme covers different aspects of International Business with special focus on strategic management of multinational organizations, in the fast changing global business environment.  
  The MBA in Banking Mangement is a degree course which covers the basic concepts of management with specialised training in various topics like International Banking and Finance, Treasury Operations, Risk Management, Investment Banking, Project & Infrastructure etc.  
  International BBA  

This programme not only gives the students the necessary exposure of global trade and industry but also equips them with skill for strategic planning for global business. After this course, the students have various lucrative career options with Indian and foreign MNCs, spanning the global corporate world.

  International MBA  

In International MBA, apart from the basic management education students get an extensive global exposure through special training and seminars, both in India and abroad. The special training includes topics like Cross-cultural management, International Trade Practices,Forex Management, International Finance and so on.

  What  Students Get  
  MBA University Degree (Recognised by UGC,Govt. of India).  
  Additional Diploma of PGDIBS (Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Strategy)  
  Certification Programme for Foreign Training.  
  Top Placements in MNCs and prestigious companies in India and abroad  
  MBA (Part-time)  

Keeping in view, the latest trends and the requirements of an executive’s job, the MBA (part-time) programme has been designed to give a strong acadmic reorientation to the valuable corporate experience. This is a Postgraduate degree programme of 1 ½ years duration, with evening or weekend classes and is meant for the skill upgradation of the working people. This helps them to get into the challenging world of corporate management. It also results in a rapid career growth for those already working in management related fields.

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