Co-curricular Activities

Cultural Society

IMC’s Cultural Society provides a forum for the development of the creative talents of the students through various cultural activities such as debates, quiz programmes, plays and other performing arts. The society also holds an annual cultural festival called “Impulse” which is well-received by the press and the media.

Editorial Club

The IMC Newsletter is managed by the student members of the editorial Club. It gives the views and reviews of the students and faculty, on current issues in computers and management. It also reports about various student activities

Student Council

An annual student leadership programme provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice the kind of organizational skills necessary for success in careers. These elected members of the council take up various promotional and student welfare activities.


Sports Club

The sports club at IMC keeps the spirits high by organizing intra and inter-college sports events and tournaments from time to time.

By engaging in sports like cricket, football, badminton etc., students enable themselves to relax, refresh and energize. This also helps in building the team spirit amongst students.



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